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Last updated 24 August 98

HyTime Tools

This area provides access to various HyTime-related tools.

NOTE: inclusion of tools in this list does not imply any endorsement or warranty of these tools by the HyTime User's Group. This list is provided purely as a service. See the respective providers' Web sites for the latest information on these tools.

Using Jade and DSSSL, implements HyTime's value reference facility for doing true use-by-reference. Incomplete but useful as a demonstration of the facility. Look for a more robust Python-based update soon.
TechnoTeacher's soon-to-be-available industrial-strength grove management system. Was demonstrated at Metastructures '98. Slated for beta availability Fall '98.
A DSSSL-based, Web-enabled SGML/XML viewer. Technology demonstration from Fujitsu.
TechnoTeacher's original HyTime browser. Somewhat out of date because it only supports HyTime 1st Edition, but still useful as a learning and demonstration tool. Eventually HyBrowse will be replaced or updated with a GroveMinder-based system.
Demonstration implementation of HyTime independent linking and cross-document addressing using Arbortext's ADEPT*Editor product. Shows how useful HyTime functionality can be implemented using only the facilities provided by an SGML-aware editor like ADEPT*Editor.
Jade (James' DSSSL Engine)
Implementation of the DSSSL standard (ISO/IEC 10179:1996). Provides robust software for doing grove-based processing. Includes groveoa.dll, an ActiveX/COM object that provides easy access to SGML document groves from any COM-aware language (VB, Python, C++, etc.).
SoftQuad Panorama
The original HyTime-aware Web-enabled, SGML viewer. Based on the Synex ViewPort toolkit. Only supports HyTime 1st Edition facilities, but still pretty useful. SoftQuad provides both a free Web browser plug in and stand-alone viewer/publisher.
Python programming language
The Python language competes with Perl and its ilk. It turns out that Python is ideally suited to working with groves. On Windows, it can be immediately integrated with James Clark's groveoa.dll, part of the Jade package (www.jclark.com/jade). GroveMinder provides a Python binding and more grove-related Python tools are coming soon. Check it out.
David Megginson's SAX-based XML Architecture Facility. Provides transparent architecture awareness to SAX-based XML parsers.

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