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Welcome to the HyTime Users' Group. The HyTime Users' Group is a memberless affiliate of the International SGML Users' Group dedicated to the use and maintenance of the HyTime Standard, ISO/IEC 10744:1992. At this site you will find a variety of materials to support you in your exploration and use of HyTime and its related standards.

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The standard itself is available in printed form from the International Organization for Standardization or from national standards bodies, such as ANSI in the US and DIN in Germany. It is available (as WG8 document N1920) in various electronic forms from Before buying or reading the HyTime standard, we urge you to read A Reader's Guide to the HyTime Standard--it will help you find what you need and avoid what you don't need within the vast array of information that is the HyTime standard.

For pointers to all things SGML and XML, see The SGML/XML Web Page.

This site is divided into the following areas:

[Materials] Materials Contains the machine-readable materials that make up the normative, formal specifications of the HyTime standard. Includes all architectural meta-DTDs
[Tools] Tools Provides pointers to a variety of HyTime-aware tools.
[Papers] Papers Contains a number of short papers on HyTime and the HyTime standard. Includes a bibliography of HyTime-related publications.
New! Topic Maps Contains information about the Topic Map standard, ISO/IEC 13250, currently in the final stages of development as an ISO standard. Includes sample topic maps.
New! STEP and SGML Harmonization Information and materials from the SGML and Industrial Data preliminary work item effort, otherwise known as "STEP and SGML harmonization". This work is managed under ISO TC184/SC4, the group responsible for ISO 10303 and related standards.

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