Normalization Rules

Defines the classes and properties to be used in the construction of
groves from the parsing of SGML documents.

Classes and properties are classified as follows:
  o Abstract or SGML document string (SDS)
  o SGML declaration, document prolog, or document instance
  o Required only for support of datatag, rank, shortref, link, subdoc,
    fpi, architectures, notset, fsi, genarc, pelement.

ESIS corresponds roughly to the combination of baseabs (base abstract),
prlgabs0, and instabs (instance abstract).

Module: base abstract
Class: SgmlDocument
Property: SgmlConstants
Property: ApplicationInfo
Property: Prolog
Property: Epilog
Class: SgmlConstants
Class: AttributeAssignment
Property: Value
Property: Name
Property: Implied
Property: TokenSep
Class: AttributeValueToken
Property: Token
Class: DataChar
Property: Char
Property: NonSgmlBitCombination
Class: Sdata
Property: SystemData
Property: Char
Class: Pi
Property: SystemData
Module: prolog abstract level 0
Property: GoverningDoctype on SgmlDocument in Baseabs
Property: DoctypesAndLinktypes on SgmlDocument in Baseabs
Class: DocumentType
Property: Name
Property: Governing
Property: GeneralEntities
Property: Notations
Class: Entity
Property: Name
Property: EntityType
Property: Text
Property: ExternalId
Property: Attributes
Property: NotationName
Property: Notation
Class: Notation
Property: Name
Property: ExternalId
Class: ExternalId
Property: PublicId
Property: SystemId
Property: GeneratedSystemId
Module: instance abstract
Property: DocumentElement on SgmlDocument in Baseabs
Property: Elements on SgmlDocument in Baseabs
Property: Entities on SgmlDocument in Baseabs
Property: DefaultedEntities on SgmlDocument in Baseabs
Property: Entity on AttributeValueToken in Baseabs
Property: Notation on AttributeValueToken in Baseabs
Property: Referent on AttributeValueToken in Baseabs
Class: Element
Property: Gi
Property: Id
Property: Attributes
Property: Content
Class: ExternalData
Property: EntityName
Property: Entity

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